The Creative Side Of Me

What I am thankful for:
1. Dance, and that I am fortunate enough to be able to participate in it.
2.Paranormal Activity, it gives me and Sophia something to do late at night (not always our best idea...)
3.Breaking Dawn, for being the best Twilight movie so far!! <3
4. Facebook, it gives me a way to communicate with my family in MI.
5.Books, without them, I would know nothing...
6. My sister, Avery, the little bundle of "what did we get into?" that came into the world almost a year ago!
7.My teachers,  they encourage me to do better, and not give up.
8. Iowa, my life wouldn't be the same without it!
9. Music, the best way to express my feelings
10. Sugar-free gum! It gives me something that I can actually eat 24/7 with my braces!!! ( I got that one from my mom... :) )
11. Justin Beiber... (Sophia's idea...) 

What do I want to do, that I haven't yet?
     Well, when I get older, I would like to travel to somewhere in Europe. I really want to go to either Greece, Italy, or Spain. I don't really know why I want to go there, I just kind of always have. I think it would be really fun to go sightseeing there. I haven't gone there yet because I'm not old enough to go by myself, and because I don't really have enough money to go there, I mean I'm only a teenager. Another thing I want to do, but kind of can't yet is to move back to Michigan. I don't want to leave, but I also really miss my family from there. I am also one of the older of our cousins, so I have alot of younger cousins that don't even know who I am, because we only go, at most, three times a year. I really hope that when I get older, I can do some of these things.

My Christmas Quote:
“Love is what’s in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen.” ~ 7-year-old named Bobby
 I absolutely think that this quote describes Christmas for my family. The day before Christmas, we make Chocolate-chip cookies. We like to give Santa fresh cookies on Christmas. Every year, we also buy fresh carrot's for the Reindeer. This is definitely my favorite part of Christmas in Iowa. When I was little, we used to go back to where the rest of my family lives in Michigan. My sister and I used to sleep right next to the tree, thinking we might catch a glimpse of Santa. That was definitely my favorite part of Christmas in Michigan. We don't usually get to anymore... I miss it. ALOT. But we might get to go this year. It will be the first time I have since I was in 3rd grade. I cant wait! When we went to Michigan for Christmas, we always used to go to church Christmas morning. I was little, so I don't remember alot of it, but I DO remember that it used to make me think about the others in our country that aren't as fortunate as I am.