Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dream Job

For my blog, I have decided to tell you what my dream job would be. As of right now? I want to be a Psychiatrist. I think that I want to do this because I LOVE helping people. No matter how close I am to them, or if I even know them at all, I WANT to help them... The only bad thing about being a Psychiatrist is all the schooling I would have to go through in order to be a Psychologist. Eight to Twelve years of schooling. That's A LOT. But I think it might be worth it.
My other dream occupation would be to own a dance studio, but that's kind of an obvious one. I think that this is a better dream for me, since I love dance with a passion. :) I think of it as a way to give little girls (and boys) that option to be a ballerina, like I always dreamed of being...

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