Thursday, March 8, 2012

All about me! :)

Hi!  Well, my name is Ashley, for one. I live in the United States, of America, that is. I like to write, A LOT. Two of my friends and I are writing a book together, and creating a blog so people can read it. When we actually start the book, I'll post the link on here. If you haven't looked at any of my other posts, I LOVE TO DANCE. Dance is my life. I don't think I could live without it! Most of my friends that I hang out with 24/7 are dancers. We just Connect. :) Most people think it's not a real sport. IT. IS. It's like telling someone that soccer, or baseball, or surfing isn't a sport. I definitely speak my opinion, can't you tell?? I can't wait for you guys to look at my blog!!!!! :)
Till Later!


  1. Hello! You really like dances? What kinds?

  2. Yes, I love dance. I currently take Tap, Ballet/Lyrical, Jazz, Clog, and I am starting Pointe.