Thursday, December 22, 2011

School Break

Well, today our school gets out for Christmas break. Yay!! I think this year, my family is going to get to go to Michigan. I cant wait! We leave in the morning if we do go.... at like 7! (To Early!) I will get to see all of my cousins that I haven't seen since May. My family has only seen my little sister twice. And she's already one! Every year we have a big party at the library in the town my family lives in. Every family has to make one dish each. We also usually play "Secret Santa." We all draw a name of one of our cousins out of a hat. Then we have to buy them a Christmas present. This year we didn't get to participate. Alot of us are getting older, so we don't get together while we're in Michigan as much as we used to... But I think this year we might!


  1. What happened to your color scheme? The green makes it more difficult to see. Were you able to go to Michigan?

  2. Hi I like your blog and the background but I really like the dancing guy behind the calender. Your blog is really good and bright!

  3. i liked your story of your school break. When I was reading I felt like I wanted to go there.