Thursday, December 22, 2011

School Break

Well, today our school gets out for Christmas break. Yay!! I think this year, my family is going to get to go to Michigan. I cant wait! We leave in the morning if we do go.... at like 7! (To Early!) I will get to see all of my cousins that I haven't seen since May. My family has only seen my little sister twice. And she's already one! Every year we have a big party at the library in the town my family lives in. Every family has to make one dish each. We also usually play "Secret Santa." We all draw a name of one of our cousins out of a hat. Then we have to buy them a Christmas present. This year we didn't get to participate. Alot of us are getting older, so we don't get together while we're in Michigan as much as we used to... But I think this year we might!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Favorite Movies

My friend Sophia and I LOVE scary movies. We usually wait until its dark outside, and then watch a random scary movie from on Netflix. Our favorite to date is either Paranormal Activity 1 or 2.  We haven't really watched that many other scary movies yet... But Children of the Corn is next!! We cant ever find anyone else our age that likes scary movies. I don't get it. I mean, were teenagers, aren't we supposed to like scary movies?? We also love to watch Ghost Adventures. It's a television show where a group of paranormal investigators that go to places around the world that are rumoured to be haunted. They went to one around where we live. Sophia and I hope to go there this summer.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!!!!

So this weekend my baby sister Avery had her first birthday party!!! It was so much fun! She had a Strawberry cupcake that she ate all by herself! She got lots of presents. She was really excited because she'd never gotten any before. My other sisters actual birthday is today. ( Happy Birthday Maddie!!) Avery's actual birthday is on Wednesday (Happy Early Birthday Avery!!) Its alot of fun to have both of your sisters birthday's in the same week... most of the time. I posted a video above of Avery eating her cupcake...