Friday, November 4, 2011

Best Concert Ever!!

This weekend my mother, sister, and I went to a concert/gymnastics/ice -skating show. It was so much fun! And I got to see my, and my friend Kaytlinn's favorite singer, Greyson Chance!(<3) I also found a new singer that I think can sing pretty well. His name is Cody Simpson. My sister liked the girl that sang, Ariana Grande, the best... (She's not into teeny-booper music, yet!) Anyways, we got lots of pictures and videos. And I got to watch alot of ice-skating, floor-work, beam-work, and bar-work. I could tell my mom had alot of fun, because she doesn't really get out of the house alot without my baby sister. I hope we can go do something like this again soon!!


  1. Where was this entertaining concert? From your description it sounds like fun. I bet your mom did enjoy getting out of the house for awhile. Good piece of writing.

  2. Ahh Cody Simpson<3 I didn't know you liked him!! I don't think you ever told me you went there!