Thursday, May 17, 2012

Last Blog

Well... Today we get our laptop's turned in for the summer. I am very sad about this. I spend so much time on this computer!! I'm going to miss it!!! But I do have one good thing: That story that I kept talking about, and saying my friend and I would do, but would probably fail at it?? Well, it's working out actually! We have a blog that we recently set up, so if you would like to check it out, feel free!! Here is the link: Feel free, and please be encouraged to make any comments about our writing, along with any ideas you have!!! :)
So Long for the summer!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Create... :)

This post, once again, has something (I should say a lot) that has to do with Dance. We were asked to create something, and then write about it. I chose to use BeFunky to edit a picture, and to make it my own. Of course I centered my picture around Dance, I think that it can comply to many things. "Never miss the chance to Dance" is like, in my opinion, saying that your not getting younger, so if something comes up, DO IT. You never know, you might regret not doing it sometime in the future....

My Interests...

Now I will talk about my interests.... Even though I'm sure many of you know what they are. I am obsessive with Dance, which is my life. But if you want to hear  about that, you can read almost any of my other posts and find something about it. Something else that some of you know, I am a total Harry Potter fan. Well, not a TOTAL fan, but I'm getting there. I'm a HufflePuff, and proud of it. HufflePuffs are known for being loyal and trustful, much like myself. (Most of the time) I am also a Mahomie, and I currently have One Direction Infection. If you are not a teenager, you probably have no idea what any of this means, but that's okay.... :)

Dream Job

For my blog, I have decided to tell you what my dream job would be. As of right now? I want to be a Psychiatrist. I think that I want to do this because I LOVE helping people. No matter how close I am to them, or if I even know them at all, I WANT to help them... The only bad thing about being a Psychiatrist is all the schooling I would have to go through in order to be a Psychologist. Eight to Twelve years of schooling. That's A LOT. But I think it might be worth it.
My other dream occupation would be to own a dance studio, but that's kind of an obvious one. I think that this is a better dream for me, since I love dance with a passion. :) I think of it as a way to give little girls (and boys) that option to be a ballerina, like I always dreamed of being...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I've completely forgotten about this blog. It doesn't even cross my mind anymore to look at it... I should probably start blogging again... Maybe I will... It's actually really fun....

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It takes two to play a game Hun....

I'm over this. If you can't take my word on anything, or listen to me, it's not worth it. I'm done trying to be friends with people who expect me to hang on their every word, and always believe them, but when it comes to me, they couldn't give anything! If your going to fight me over something I DIDN'T EVEN DO, then do it. But when you want me to forgive you? I won't wanna listen to you either. Next time you want to start this, remember it takes two to play this game Hun...

Friday, March 16, 2012

Me/My Avatar

If you look to the right, you will, more than likely, see the Avatar that I made. My avatar looks similar to me, but at the same time, looks a lot different. Like the fact that I am SUPER short, yet my Avatar is tall?? And I have brown hair, not black. Those are, like, the only things that are different than I am. Incase you can't see it, my eyes are Hazel. (Not blue, but not green.) I usually wear my hair up. But lately I like to wear it down more. I usually set my own fashion trends, as in I am the only one who wears what I do, but I'm just being me!! :) I am a BIG FAN of pants, but  in the summer, I can't get enough of my shorts!!! Do ou see how this Avatar reflects me now?